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Our Best One Yet: The Magnifying Mirror , The M7

Our Best One Yet: The Magnifying Mirror, The M7

Our latest 10x Magnifying Mirror is the best we have had yet, manufactured specifically to work off the feedback we have been receiving. What was that feedback? a better suction cup and USBC recharchable for ease of travel. This bathroom mirror or just travel mirror is perfect for any occasion.

What are the main mirror features of the Magnifying Mirror M7?

11.5 inch adjustable gooseneck

With an 11.5 inch adjustable gooseneck, you don’t have to climb onto the vanity or lean into it when using this makeup mirror! You can stand up in front of your preferred height and adjust for perfect viewing angles every time--no more getting on all fours like some others require because they're not stable enough on their own.

10x Magnifying Mirror:

Our Best One Yet: The Magnifying Mirror, The M7

The 10X magnification mirror is perfect for all of your makeup needs! It's strong enough to focus on a specific section, such as doing hair or eye shadow. You can also use this powerful lens if you need help with putting contacts in - just make sure that the object(s) being viewed are no more than 3 inches away from its surface before getting an accurate reflection back at ya'.

Our Best One Yet: The Magnifying Mirror, The M7

Powerhouse Suction Cup to any Vanity mirror

This is a must-have for any makeup application ! The 360° rotating head provides secure attachment, simply twist to lock and adjustments that can be made while in use. With 3 AAA batteries (included) this device lasts up long enough on its own before needing another charge from an outlet or USB port anywhere around your house - perfect if you're always on the go like me :)

The principle of this makeup mirror suction cup is different from screws or nails. It relies on forcing out all air and dampness to seal it, but over time since there's no water left in these surfaces for any Patriots-esqe residue that might exist - they'll dry up letting fresh oxygen come through which helps keep your mirror held onto whatever surface you've got attached them too! Applying makeup has never really been easier with something designed for such ease of use.

Our Best One Yet: The Magnifying Mirror, The M7

A Magnifying Makeup Mirror with Warranty

This magnifying mirror is the perfect solution for those who want to save time and money. With a warranty of 6 months, this product will give you peace-of mind that your purchase was made wisely!

Our Best One Yet: The Magnifying Mirror, The M7

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MARCELLA TIMMINS calendar_today

Is this mirror available for purchase?? And if so how much is it please. Marcella

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